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1Container Loading Ramp VTC-01

Container Loading Ramp VTC-01

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2Hydraulic Dock Leveller

Hydraulic Dock Leveller

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3Hydraulic Lift Table

Hydraulic Lift Table

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Viet Thanh Mechanical Co., Ltd


  • VIET THANH MECHANICS consults the best solutions.
With many years of experience as well as doing a hundred of projects, Viet Thanh will bring you reasonable solutions for installation space, loading, unloading methods for each unit, advantages and disadvantages for each product so that customers will have the best products.
  • VIET THANH MECHANICS provides safety.
Being a leading supplier of foklift, hydraulic dock leveler, Viet Thanh’s products have been distributed all over the country. Our company has hundreds of products with proven quality in the market, You can click here to see customer list. Simultaneously,, we are constantly investing newly modern equipment, developing after-sale service, supplying customer care service quickly. Thank for these, customers will feel peace in mind when selecting us.
  • Products of VIET THANH MECHANICS exquisite in each detail.
With motto “ safety is first”, Viet Thanh always cares each seams, welds. We inspect carefully during manufacturing process to produce the most perfect products.
  • Customers can check, inspect.
During working process, we provide process and standards to jointly supervise and ensure the final product as expected.
  • Customers receive lots of added value when choosing VIET THANH MECHANICS
Working process bring VIET THANH MECHANICS more new creative ideas, experience which will be applied to the newest projects.
  •   Services at VIETTHANH MECHANICS.
We take care of customers as family members. You can be peace in mind when being consulted carefully.

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Gioi Thieu Cong Ty
  • 0933 028 638 : Mr. Duy (Container Loading Ramp, Mobile Ramp)
  • 0974 679 739 : Mr. Cường (Dock Leveller, Lift Table)
  • 0971079739 : Ms Dương (Fork, Landing Gear)
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